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A getaway from the city for a family of 4. Within an 8 acre plot, this cabin is designed in CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) a prefabricated wooden pannel that works both as structure and finishing surface.  The green roof provides natural thermal insulation and a home for a biodiversity of polinizing birds and insects. Harvesting and purifying rain water and generating energy through solar photovoltaic panels, placed nearby as cover for the orchard. Water surplus is filtered through a wetland and residual water treated with a USBF treatment plant. A refuge with low carbon footprint.




Site Area:                        40,000 sqm

Built Area:                       400 sqm

Gardens and Terraces:       39,600 sqm

​Location:                         Valle de Bravo, State of Mexico

Year:                               2019

Team:                              Valeria González, Sandra Galici ​

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