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Parnaso PN

Parnaso PN is an extension of the 2012 renovation of Parnaso project. This addition consists of a swimming lane, terrace and an independent apartment. Consistent with the original project´s intention of a simpler and greater quality of life for the inhabitants, we integrated  technology for rainwater harvesting,  purification and power generation with solar panels.

Site Area:                        300 sqm​

Built Area:                       500 sqm​

Gardens and Terraces:       450 sqm​

Location:                         Lomas de Chapultepec, Mexico City​

Year:                               2019    ​

Design Team:                    José de la Cruz · Cecilia Gutierrez ·  Karmen Sandoval · Arturo Cabrera ·

                                      Valeria González Ruenes · Sandra Galicia

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