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VGZ Arquitectura

VGZ Arquitectura is an architectural firm that emerged in 2003 in Mexico City with a clear vision: to create integral architecture that combines design and manufacturing, where the site, designer, builder, craftsman, and end user are actively involved throughout the process. Our focus is on harmony with the environment, using natural light and sustainable technologies as essential elements in our practice of responsible architecture.

With over 70 clients and a number of projects developed, we have gained the experience to specialize in Residential, Corporate, Commercial, and Interior Architecture, where our focus and attention to detail allow us to make the most of every element of the space.

Our trajectory in Mexican architecture is framed by the recognition of our clients and various awards in the sector.


"A specific solution for each project"


Verónica González graduated from Architecture at the Universidad Iberoamericana in 1996. She studied a Master's Degree in Architecture at the Illinois Institute of Technology  (Chicago, 2000), a school based on the Modernism of Mies Van Der Rohe, where she received the Henry Adams Award.   

For 4 years she worked in renowned architectural firms (Arquitectonica ARQ Miami) and interior design Tsao & Mckown (NYC). She has been a professor of projects and site analysis at the Universidad Iberoamericana. She is a member of the College of Mexican Architects (CAM). 

"Architecture is something that envelops us, surrounds us, sustains us; it is something very powerful, capable of transforming our lives."

VGZ Arquitectura Team

The recognition as a prominent firm in the industry is the result of the collective effort of every person who is part of VGZ Arquitectura.


Elsa Aguila


Diana Salcedo


Salvador Hernández


Alejandra Pinto


Guadalupe Martínez


Sofía Casillas


José de la Cruz

Collaborators who have been part of the team

Paola Ballesteros

Karmen Sandoval

Arturo Cabrera

Ximena Díaz

Cecilia Gutierrez

Bárbara Noé

Valeria González Ruenes

José de la Cruz Ramos

JLaura V. Ocampo Gil

Martha Lilia Mosco Sanchez

Angela Viloria

Angela Viloria

Mariana Mungía C.

Sandra l. Galicia Martínez

Bernardo Klein

Ileana Flores Argüelles

Luis Felipe Márquez

Ana Noriega

Israel Reyes

Yassir Silvera

Paulina Reyes

Elías Levy

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