1. Richi Vali

Richi Vali fue un ejercicio divertido para presentar la joyería de un diseñador como piezas de arte, integrando algunos accesorios y ropa al concepto. El reto fue crear un espacio original y de mucha calidad en poco tiempo y con un presupuesto reducido. 




Superficie construida:       90 m2  

Ubicación:                        Prado Norte, CDMX 

Año:                                2009 

Equipo de diseño:              Barbara Noe


Proyecto de interiorismo, ambientación y mobiliario.

Superficie construida:       20,000 m2

Ubicación:                        Lago Mask 229, Miguel Hidalgo, CDMX.

Año:                                2016 

Cliente:                           ZD+A

3. Design House 2018

Para esta intervención efímera nos preguntamos que es el LUJO... En respuesta a la filosofía de diseño que tenemos en vgz(a) quisimos definimos el lujo como :







En 33 m2 reunimos todo lo anterior mostrando cosecha y potabilización de agua pluvial, generación de energía con rayos solares y diseño flexible que se adapta a las distintas necesidades del habitante.

Superficie construida:      34 m2

Jardines y terrazas:        220 m2

Ubicación:                    Lomas de Chapultepec, CDMX

Año:                           2018    ​

Equipo de diseño:            Valeria González Ruenes ·  Karmen Sandoval ·  Paulina Reyes · Arturo Cabrera

4. MO47

Proyecto de interiorismo, compra mobiliario y ambientación.

Superficie construida:      1,177m2

Ubicación:                    Montes de Oca 47, col. Condesa,del. Cuahutémoc, CDMX.

Año:                           2019    ​

5. Design House 2019

Para la Biblioteca Botánica reemplazamos los libros con una colección de plantas del jardín botánico de la UNAM.  Queremos difundir la riqueza botánica de nuestro entorno, y sus beneficios. 

Pensando siempre en contribuir a hacer arquitectura responsable, nuestra estantería es modular, ensamblada en madera certificada de bosque productor sustentable.  

Superficie construida:       56 m2 

Ubicación:                        Bosques de las Lomas, CDMX 

Año:                                2019

Equipo:                            Cecilia Gutiérrez

Richi Vali


Richi Vali was a fun excersice to present a designer's jewelry as pieces of art, integrating some accessories and clothing into the concept. The challenge was to create an original and high quality space in a short period of time and with reduced budget.

Built Area:                       260 sqm 

Location:                         Mexico City 

Year:                               2009 

Design Team:                    Bárbara Noe



Zama is a beach club and independent event garden. The pool area and the restaurant palapa operate regardless of any event. Comfort was achieved through high ceiling, bamboo and wood lattices, and cross ventilation, without the need for air conditioning. Integrating landscape design to enhance the Caribbean experience through the built elements .




Site Area:                        4500 sqm

Built Area:                       700 sqm

Gardens and Terraces:       3000 sqm

Location:                         Islas Mujeres, Quintana Roo.

Year:                               2019    ​

Collaboration:                  Lorena Vieyra

EV Wellness

Occupying a 950 sqm, in a commercial building, this wellness clinic integrates 3 separate gymnasiums, medical offices, dressing rooms and bathrooms, massage cabins, cafeteria and services all through a simple, clean lines design achieving a relaxed environment.




Site Area:                        950 sqm

Location:                         Lomas de Chapultepec, Mexico City

Year:                               2017    ​

Design Team:                    Laura Ocampo · Martha Mosco ·  Elsa Aguilar · Sandra Galicia

Awards:                           NOLDI SHREK 2018 Third Place Winner

Latino 41 · Miralto

Intervening a space in this iconic building in Mexico City was one of the greater and most challenging experiences of the studio. We intended to update the restaurant, to generate a culinary destination rather than a tourist attraction. Looking for Mexican materials and design to reinforce its location, cleaning any obstacles to emphasize the 360º unique views of the city.



Site Area:                        285 m2​​

Location:                         Torre Latinoamericana, Centro, Mexico City

Year:                               2017    ​

Design Team:                    Laura Ocampo · Martha Mosco ·  Karmen Sandoval · Arturo Cabrera · Sandra Galicia

Awards:                           Noldi Shrek Third Place Winner

Noldi SCHRECK.png

R1101/ Piedra Sal

The main challenges for the renovation of this restaurant on a busy corner of Paseo de la Reforma were: a 2nd floor location, the entrance and integration of interior and exterior spaces. We designed a wooden box, suported by two concrete bearing walls, containing a new staircase, and a steel and wood lattice facade. Joining the two stories of the building. The space above opens up to the trees and to the sky, covered with a wooden pergola that spans thought the entire length of the space. We maintained a monochromatic palette with shades of gray and wood. Leaving the central bar as a focal element with a brass design. Everything was specially designed and manufactured for Piedra Sal, from the concrete floor, to the black clay lamps, furniture and flatware;  generating a fresh and cozy atmosphere, highlighting the quality of Mexican design and craftsmanship.



​Site Area:                        1257 sqm​

Built Area:                       490 sqm restaurant · 210 sqm Roof terrace

Location:                         Lomas de Chapultepec, Mexico City

Year:                               2017    ​

Design Team:                    Valeria González Ruenes · Barbara Noé ·  Arturo Cabrera ·  Karmen Sandoval                     


                                      ENTREMUROS 2018 · IIDA RESTAURANTS LONGES AND BARS WINNER 2018 ·

                                      NOLDI SHREK FINALIST 2018 · OBRAS MAGAZINE - WORK OF THE YEAR

Screen Shot 2019-07-05 at 9.25.33 AM.png
OBRAS 2017.jpg
IIDA copy.jpg
Noldi SCHRECK.png

Latino 40 · Nivel 40

Intervening a space in this iconic building in Mexico City was one of the greater and most challenging experiences of the studio. The bar is the only space in the tower with full length windows, through lighting we intended to replicate the city lights and create an intimate atmosphere, reminiscent, through the furniture and materials, of  time of the tower construction.



Site Area:                        87 sqm

Location:                         Torre Latinoamericana, Centro, Mexico City

Year:                               2018    ​

Design Team:                    Laura Ocampo · Martha Mosco ·  Karmen Sandoval · Arturo Cabrera 

Awards:                           NOLDI SHREK 2018 Third Place Winner

Noldi SCHRECK.png


Technology was the suggested theme for this intervention. For us, technology represents the possibility of reducing our carbon footprint, taking advantage of resources and raising awareness. In two days a 220 sqm restaurant was set up in a convention center, the restaurant opened for a three day event, we had 6 hours to dismantle it. The premise was to achieve a cozy and purposeful space without generating garbage. Recycled and borrowed materials were used, the wood panels ( built out of wasted wood floor) were donated to a low-income school and the rest was reused in other projects.




Built Area:                       200 sqm

Location:                         Centro Citibanamex, Mexico City

Year:                               2018​

Type:                               Ephemeral Instalation

Design Team:                    Martha Mosco · Ximena Díaz · Arturo Cabrera

Everest Terrace

With reduced budget and 2 months working time, we created a garden that surrounds the roof of a building, generating a multifunctional space, a kitchen and a pergola, where the user feels isolated from the surrounding city.




Site Area:                        950 sqm

Built Area:                       120 sqm

Gardens and Terraces:       640 sqm

Location:                         Lomas de Chapultepec, Mexico City

Year:                               2018    ​

Design Team:                    José de la Cruz ·  Cecilia Gutierrez · Sandra Galicia ·  Elsa Aguilar ·  Karmen Sandoval


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