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Starting from a basic  L scheme, this project offsets different planes to generate voidas and  transparencies that erase the interior-exterior borders, allowing for space to flow through the program. Surrounded by a garden or terrace on all facades,  concrete bearing walls work as a structure and finishing material. Maintaining simple material palette of concrete, glass, wood and stone. The design is aligned with the energy criteria of the studio, harvesting and purifying rainwater, treating and reusing residual water, generating energy with solar panels and integrating all systems through active and passive technologies.




​Site Area:                        800 sqm

Built Area:                       960 sqm​

Gardens and Terraces:       360 sqm

Location:                         Bosques de las Lomas, Mexico City

Year:                               2016    ​

Design Team:                    Israel Reyes ·  Yassir Silvera ·   Karmen Sandoval

Awards:                           IDA Design Awards, Honorable Mention · Firenze Entremuros Finalist award  ·

                                      Work of the year finalist · 7º place 10 Architecture Firms, Obras Magazine

logotipo premio IDA
logotipo premio Firenze Entre Muros
logotipo premio OBRAS 2017
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