Piedra Sal / R1101


R1101/ Piedra Sal

The main challenges for the renovation of this restaurant on a busy corner of Paseo de la Reforma were: a 2nd floor location, the entrance and integration of interior and exterior spaces. We designed a wooden box, suported by two concrete bearing walls, containing a new staircase, and a steel and wood lattice facade. Joining the two stories of the building. The space above opens up to the trees and to the sky, covered with a wooden pergola that spans thought the entire length of the space. We maintained a monochromatic palette with shades of gray and wood. Leaving the central bar as a focal element with a brass design. Everything was specially designed and manufactured for Piedra Sal, from the concrete floor, to the black clay lamps, furniture and flatware;  generating a fresh and cozy atmosphere, highlighting the quality of Mexican design and craftsmanship.



​Site Area:                        1257 sqm​

Built Area:                       490 sqm restaurant · 210 sqm Roof terrace

Location:                         Lomas de Chapultepec, Mexico City

Year:                               2017    ​

Design Team:                    Valeria González Ruenes · Barbara Noé ·  Arturo Cabrera ·  Karmen Sandoval                     


                                      ENTREMUROS 2018 · IIDA RESTAURANTS LONGES AND BARS WINNER 2018 ·

                                      NOLDI SHREK FINALIST 2018 · OBRAS MAGAZINE - WORK OF THE YEAR

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