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P Valle

Topography of the plot dictated the architecture for this complex of two houses.

The first house consists of two bodies profiting from the land original terraces towards the lake.  The volumes separate, via a garden, the private from the social areas. The roof of the lower body contains a an endemic species garden, that provides views and privacy to the bedrooms, as well as a refuge for polinizing birds and insects.  All spaces have views of the lake, natural light and ventilation .The design is consistent with the energy saving and resource preservation criteria of the studio. Harvesting and purifying rainwater, treating residues and generating energy with solar panels.

Site Area:                        1300 sqm​

Built Area:                       600 sqm​

Gardens and Terraces:       800 sqm​​

Location:                         Valle de Bravo, State of Mexico

Year:                               2019    ​

Design Team:                    Barbara Noé ·  Luis Felipe Márquez · Bernardo Klein ·  José de la Cruz

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