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A complex terrain with a steep slope and a narrow access forced us to distribute the  clients extensive program in three volumes separated by two different patios,  allowing sunligh, natural ventilation and a great green view from every window in the house. We played with the topography creating terraces for every volume,  in order to adapt to the land and integrate the basin´s slope as an active part of the house. The design is aligned with the energy criteria of the studio, harvesting and purifying rainwater , treating resudues and generating energy with solar panels. 




​Site Area:                        1105 sqm

Built Area:                       1040 sqm

Gardens and Terraces:       400 sqm

Location:                         Bosques de las lomas, Mexico City

Year:                               2017

Design Team:                    Bárbara Noe ·Valeria Gonzalez Ruenes · Jose de la Cruz · Sandra Galicia

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