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​Orientation and view were the big challenge for this project. A through analysis of the site, seeking maximum exposure to sunlight, we developed a V scheme, which allowed us to profit from the views and confortable temprerature year round. Design was developed hand in hand with the client, integrating materials and program responding to their lifestyle. The hose´s design is aligned with the energy criteria of the studio, harvesting and purifying rainwater, generating energy with solar panels and integrating all systems through active and passive technologies.





​Site Area:                        800 m2​

Built Area:                       980 m2

Gardens and Terraces:       400 m2 ​

Location:                         Bosques de las Lomas, Mexico City

Year:                               2014    ​

Design Team:                    Bárbara Noé

Awards:                           DESIGN ICONS AD 2015 BEST RESIDENTIAL ARCHITECTURE

Exhibitions:                     "LUZ NATURAL" OR "NATURAL LIGHT" CAM-SAM

Logotipo premio Iconos del Diseño
Logotipo CAMSAM
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